by Against The Waves

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released October 10, 2016

2016. All songs written and performed by Against The Waves.
Produced by Joey Sturgis.
Mixed and mastered by Joey Sturgis.
Recorded at Metro 37 Studios (Detroit MI, USA).
Vocal engineer: Nick Matzkows.
Guitar Engineer: Josh Buckner.
Bass Engineer: Nick Matzkows.
Drum engineer: Joey Hall.

Artwork by Tumulus & Crafts.



all rights reserved


Against The Waves Madrid, Spain

In 2014 Against The Waves signs a contract with Joey Sturgis to make the production of their new studio album.
After a month recording at the Metro 37 Studios (Detroit, USA) the band is currently looking for a record label to make their next and definitive move and deliver their sound and future efforts worldwide.
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Track Name: Captive Comfort
Your clock's ticking now, up in your throne
You play hide and seek but this just won't be told
I'm shaking your blood and chasing your ghost
To eat this world alive

This is a dead end, where all dreams come undone
This is a dead end, this is a dead end

And when the sky breaks
You only breathe to stay alive
Cause this life keeps moving on
Just be sure to remember who you are
All lessons learned are waiting ahead
With your heart on your hand you can't make mistakes
Before it all collapses

Our beautiful days became my worthless nights
And even after all this time I'm still drowning in your eyes
I won't let this go
'Cause I want it all
Track Name: Too Far Gone
You're so invited to come with me
To my secret place that nobody else can see
So invited to come with me
To my secret place, to my secret place

I can't rely on the masses
To put in motion this masterplan
I wish I could write a line to undo all thee wrong
We keep fighting an enemy that's long gone

I will repaint this weathered canvas with new memories

I can't help but forget
To forget to remember this
And even if you fall I'll stay on the edge of the cliff
A dead and dried up tree against the breeze

I've been on this road before for so long
Do what you must do, do what you must do
And the man I once was is too far gone
There's no peaceful way to play this
You shouldn't tear it all away
Cause the truth that we're yearning for
Doesn't come back around
Just slowly fades to grey

Offer my ashes to the sea
A silent explosion led to an amber corrosion
We sharpened our teeth and went to war
So distant is the message from its meaning
But we adored and secured the lie

Better save yourself

Save yourself
You better learn to live and carry on
Our old ship will sink at the break of dawn
Save yourself and carry on
I'll keep us floating in the eye of every storm
Track Name: I've Seen Brighter Days
I've seen brighter days

In times like these
A warning comes as it may
I, deceiver, I, betrayer
Disrupt the sleep of the sovereign
Singing an ode to the long-lost forgotten

Open the gates to the damned
Mediocrity overflowing
A flood of stagnant routine

Course-corrected by the clutches of time
I'm an island
Being unique is not a disease
I'm an island

Did I go too far?
A plea for an average existence
Defined by the foretold
It's just a wake up call
I only bow down to ideals that keep me hanging on

I'm done wasting my time
I won't delete and rewind
I embrace the gallows you assigned

This is the legacy of a broken man
The merits of someone who never had
Something good enough to write home about

My dearest friend
No one likes a discorageous war

In our home away from home

Did you honestly believe
That I would just walk away?
You know uncertainty is what makes me feel alive
Track Name: Northern Light
We're ready to crack the day
Let's take a ride where no one stays
The leech and the vampire's paradise
When vultures circle the night
The honest men share a glass of cyanide

Fate wears a velvet and barb-wired glove
Caressing a kevlar skin with a crystal core

A sinister forward motion flows down the river
And the fire from a proud wooden spine
Will show the way for those who deliver
Our shame will guide those who deliver

Losing all
Was not enough to break these walls
Cause what makes us who we are
Is to chase the northern light
My whole life felt misplaced
I'll be swallowed by the northern skies

As the prey runs, the hunter prays
If you seek for courage you won't find it there
Cover and follow tracks won't work in this place
If you long for answers, you won't find me there

Crossroads crash and I'm scared to death
The path I chose is no more
When the lights go out, my fear goes infrared
Burden and the blessing are too similar to ignore

I eclipsed the sun, can we start anew?
Forked tongues over frozen shores
This is my design
Dancing with monoliths, feeling so small
Too old to take any risk, too young to care at all
These are my footsteps into the wild
The blueprint of the mess I left behind
This is my design
Track Name: Guidance
From the depths of the blue I swallowed salt and poison
But then it came the surface light
Showing me the current of the best part of my life

So we wander around these crowded but lonely rooms
Wishing some warm colors might shine
And heal our wounds

Time flies and bruises shine
As we swing in the branches of this tree
Carving our names with every turn of the rope
We both have scars to proudly show
And I'll prove to the world
That for once, nothing is impossible

If you ever get lost
Keep shining bright, keep singing loud
Cause I will always find you after all is gone
You are my true guidance
And the only home worth coming to

Promises and fireflies like embers through the air
Nothing is for granted and i'll always take my chances
Just to see a spark become your smile

Who I used to be it's not me
We can keep holding on

I was so wrong, too blind to see, so lost
After knowing heaven,
I can't settle in a room with a view
Thanks for showing me
That the moon it's up for me to touch

For the unbelievers I will scream:
For all of this there's a reason and it's always been
Track Name: Make It Count (feat Zette)
All these years you were too blind to see
You praise false hopes, yeah we're all for make-believe
So sick and tired, too eager to breathe the winds
That they filled with corruption
I was so close to true honesty
But it drove me away from reality

It all starts with an eye for an eye
Make it count

There are infinities within the mind
Be careful if you let them out

I stretch my arms onto the sun
To repair all that I have done
Would you return?
I stretch my arms to reach the sun
This is where my story leads now
Take all of this loss and watch it burn

Go be who you were meant to be
Feelings lurking, approaching
They don't let you see
You feel drowned in clouded verity
And the question still remains

Will this ever feel like home?
I forgive, yet I'm proud

So tell me what you stand for
Is it really worth to live for?
Is this the time and place
To get rid of all those chains?
So tell me what you stand for
Is it really worth to die for?
Is this the time and place
To be the one who stays?

Take all this loss and watch it burn
Bury this loss and let it die
Better make it count
Track Name: New Myths
We are the new myths

They will raise their glasses and sing songs 'bout us
Over the withered field we given our lives to preserve
They'll get drunk with black and white
From their comfy misconception of love

We are stolen paintings, acrylic illusions and mesmerizing lights
Not even the cover-up work of an expert deceiving hand
Can fake the patterns that glow from underneath your skin
Can you set me a light before they drain the night with their neon eyes

You don't need to understand it
I feel disconnected from what I considered so perfect
But I got nothing to prove to them
Cause I got nothing I could share
We'll carry the flame again
Cause we are the new myths

I'd rather kiss soil and bones
Than rule below a starless sky
History will change our names and erase our debts
Youth depletes but eyes will keep gazing strong

Behold the Land of the Dead
We reign the Land of the Dead

Hey, it's never too late
To be what you might have been
Hey, one step at a time
This is all for you to take
Track Name: Hold Back
Show me what you got
Fake it

Please don't you dare to say I wasn't there for you
Say what you will, you just didn't allow yourself to feel

Where blood runned with rage
It's now an empty shell
Thoughts dance in revolutions
Against recently painted walls

To the rythm of the distance we created
Vertiginously, making me sick
Breath in unison
Keep our hearts beating, keep our hearts beating fast
And the place I rested my head on
Is the same where doubt is born
I no longer see the difference
Between lethe and home

Hold back and clear the dust from my eyes
We're running now in circles, do you feel alive?
Hold back, it's not easy to grow old
Without growing apart from the heart

Finding ruin in the place that we built
I'm left to conquer your ghost
At least I can say I tried
I don't know you anymore
You flee, you escaped, you given up on me
Your shadow seems more familiar
Than your new and broken smile
I hate the fact that you're just fine

Trustworthy and persuasive
First you love it, then you hate it
A compass drawn in sand
Its lines spin with every lie
The maker and the destroyer
Of every fucking joy that's now faded
You said you'd never let me go
Only to finally put me down

Lost in time, floating in a moment
The stars remember that the sun came down
And it was all worth it
You held me back
And it was all worth it
Now no one remembers that
Track Name: Lost In The Fire (feat Kristin LeAnné)
I had plenty of time to reflex
Inside a cold womb made of excess
You watched me make the same mistakes
Over and over and over and over again
If only you knew my hopes
Life on repeat, time to pause
I'm coming for you now

The Universe will fall and shatter
The great spiral devours any sense of direction

What we lost in the fire cannot be restored
Will we ever forgive ourselves
What we lost in the fire leave these skies torn

We'll die for sure on the path we roam
Just like everyone else that came before
Were their dreams worse than ours?
With good intentions this graveyard is paved

We'll keep our heads above the water
Misguided youth, this is the end of the world
Board up your windows and lock the doors
We've been stucked for so long by an invisible force
That moving forward is what scares the most
Live forever with your eyes closed

We'll die for sure on the path we roam
Just like everyone else that came before
Were their dreams worse than ours?
This graveyard is paved with good intentions

Seize everyday like it's the last one
Nothing is set in stone

Never regret the choice you've made
The sunset dies, don't move an inch while you say
“Never regreted the choice I've made”
Just seize our time before it bends and breaks

Nothing is set in stone

Your eyes are the only measure of my time
When we dream out loud, we'll meet again
In a different place, with a different face